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About Bin Moosa Group

About Bin Moosa Group

Bin Moosa Group a locally owned company established in 1979 by its founder Engineer Sayyah Mohd Moosa Al Qubaisi, a graduate, from Swansea University in UK, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The founder defined his goals and targets for his company to be active in different fields and to make Bin Moosa Group the Head Company.Few years later and after the successful start, the founder redefined the scope of the company to lead, direct, advice and manage the group members whether they are fully owned or in partnership or sponsored companies.

The overall map of the diversified activities of the group reflects the defined outlook of the founder. The group has a strong presence both in the public and private sectors and a reputation in UAE and Overseas. The success behind the Group was a result of the proper and unique organizational set up structured by the founder from the beginning and due to his vision which is achieved by hard work and dedication of himself, his partners, associates and employees.

Bin Moosa Group
P.O. Box 716, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
T: +971 2 6263666
F: +971 2 6263338


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